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Note: Color shading in the table below indicates multiple wells that plot as a single point on the state location map above.
Note: BLS = Water Level in Feet Below Land Surface, AVD = Water Level in Feet Above Vertical Datum
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Most Recent
Daily Value
Local Aquifer
1 315712106361801 MBOWN-236 - JL-49-04-474 (CWF-2A)1985 10.71 BLS 8/24/2021  47.0   Quaternary Alluvium
2 315712106361802 MBOWN-237 - JL-49-04-475 (CWF-2B)1985 25.45 BLS 8/24/2021  158.0   Santa Fe Formation
3 315712106361803 MBOWN-238 - JL-49-04-476 (CWF-2C)1985 107.11 BLS 9/16/2021  300.0   Santa Fe Formation
4 315712106361804 MBOWN-239 - JL-49-04-477 (CWF-2D)1985 87.21 BLS 8/24/2021  799.0   Santa Fe Formation

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