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ME-WW796 Calais, Maine
Washington County, Maine

The plot below displays general movements in groundwater-level direction, framed in a historical context. The colored bands represent historic water-level statistics over the period of record. The black line represents the most recent measurements. All values in this graph are smoothed using a statistical procedure to reduce event-driven spikes in the data and focus attention on longer-term trends.

To generate this plot, a 28-day moving average of daily values is computed for the entire period of record. A minimum of 25 daily values are required within each 28 day period, otherwise, no value is computed for that day. Percentiles are then computed using the moving average daily values for each day of the calendar year. The resulting percentiles are then Bezier-smoothed to generate the final percentile color bands. A minimum of 10 years of data is required to produce the percentile bands at the 10th percentile. A minimum of 20 years of data is required to produce the percentile bands at the 5th percentile. Both approved and provisional daily values data are used in the plot and the table below.

Percentile Statistics For Daily 28-day Moving Averages Over Period of Record
450713067162801 - ME-WW796 Calais, Maine
Depth to water level, feet below land surface