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Oregon Climate Response Network
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Oregon Network wells depicted on the Climate Response Network location map
Note: Color shading in the table below indicates multiple wells that plot as a single point on the state location map above.
Note: BLS = Water Level in Feet Below Land Surface, RVD = Water Level referenced to a vertical datum
Site ID Site NameMost Recent
Local Aquifer
1 420825123040401 39S/03W-33BBA1  39.62 BLS 6/17/2021  260      Applegate Group
2 430029121552101 30.00S/07.00E-06AAA01 199.84 BLS 10/9/2020     Mazama Pumice
3 442242121405501 14S/09E-08ABA 300.90 BLS 6/16/2021     Volcanic Rocks
4 452033122195901 02S/04E-29DAD  65.86 BLS 6/16/2021     Sandy River Mudstone
5 452912122312801 01.00S/02.00E-14ABC01  42.74 BLS 6/15/2021  59      Troutdale Formation

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